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Sweet Cream Bakery specializes in Cupcake Bouquets, Cupcakes, and Cakes to create delicious
and customized centerpieces for your every occasion.

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Cupcakes offer convenience and simplicity. We offer a variety of flavors and all are customizable! 


Designer cake pops are  delicious and perfect for any event! Individual packaging also available

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Sweets and flowers in the same gift!- because she wants both.  Our bouquets are also showstopper centerpieces for weddings and parties!

We deliver!

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New Information:

Temporary Change:
As the owner of Sweet Cream Bakery, I have decided to temporarily close from March 7 to April 14, 2023. During this time, I will be out of the country, serving refugees. We will not be accepting orders or phone calls during this time; if you have a wedding or event inquiry for a future date, feel free to email us at I would appreciate your prayers and am excited to re-open in mid- April!!

We are currently order based but will be opening a walk in area of the bakery in late spring!

Ingredient prices have increased drastically and we have had to slightly increase our prices. The economy is also experiencing a butter shortage. We use real butter in our cakes and Sweet Cream Buttercream, and have decided to keep the butter in our recipes; upholding the integrity of our products and continuing to serve delicious baked goods. This is another factor in our price increase and appreciate your understanding and support!

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