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Dietary restrictions don't have to stop you from enjoying a delicious dessert! We offer Gluten Free, Vegan, Dairy Free, Gluten & Vegan, Keto, Low GI, Sugar Free, and Soy Free Options!

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Gluten Free 

Gluten Free Brownies - $2.00 per (1 doz min)

         Our entire selection of cupcakes and cakes can be made gluten free! $2.00 per (1                  doz min)


Vegan Apple Pie- $12 

         Vegan Cherry Pie- $12

         Vegan Blueberry Pie- $12

         Our Chocolate and Vanilla cupcakes can be made vegan, iced with our vegan                                   buttercream! (fondant decoration not available) -$2.50 per (1 doz min) 

Dairy free

Our entire selection of cupcakes and cake can be made dairy free, iced                 with our dairy free buttercream! -$2.50 per (1 doz min)

Gluten Free & Vegan

GF & Vegan Chocolate Cupcakes! -$2.50 per (1 doz min)

          Black Bean Brownies - $2.50 per (1 doz min)

Keto / Low GI

         Keto Peanut Butter Cookies
            Made with all natural peanut butter, chopped peanuts, and chia seeds; sweetened with                      agave syrup, fruit blend, and a sprinkle of pure stevia - $1.50 per (1 doz min)

            Keto Brownies
          Made with almond flour, all natural cocoa, and sweetened with an erythritol blend. -$2.00                  per (1 doz min)

Sugar Free

            Sugar free brownies (sweetened with an erythritol blend) -$2.00 per (1 doz min)

Soy Free
Our entire selection of cupcakes and cake can be made soy free, iced                             with our soy free buttercream -$2.50 per (1 doz min)

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