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Hi there! 

My name is Sophie Drummond and I am the owner of Sweet Cream Bakery LLC. As the owner, people tend to give me the credit for the business, but without you, our flour, sugar, and butter would be mere ingredients; so I give you the credit and thank you for your continual support.

Throughout my life I have had a passion to serve. My professional education, diligence, and perseverance have played a role in my endeavors, while the Lord has ultimately established my steps. Established in 2019, Sweet Cream Bakery has strived to serve our community and we would absolutely love to be a part of your celebration!

The Story

The genesis of Sweet Cream Bakery began with a sifting together of curiosity and an passion to serve. Added in later were the skills and resources it took to run a business. With a cup of determination and a sprinkle of encouragement, an idea matured into a business, and became the bakery it is today. 


We offer multiple baked goods, such as cakes, cupcakes, pies, etc. and specialize in cupcake bouquets. Our unique cupcake bouquets allow us to combine the pastry arts and floristry. These bouquets are stunning table centerpieces that provide an edible arrangement of flowers for any event. They are also a great gift option that allows you to give both flowers and sweets- because trust us, she wants both.


We strive to provide customers with  fine dessert catering that is bold and delectable. All of our products are customizable, preservative free, and fresh. We take part in a variety of events, such as weddings, showers, birthday parties, cooperate events, etc. Furthermore, we aim to be good stewards of the earth and though this objective, use paper packaging and have established economically friendly incentives. We would love to be a part of your celebration and help make it one to remember.



If you would like to connect, feel free to ask for Sophie.


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