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Fruit Pies filled with real fruit, Cake Pops dipped in confection , and Brownies made with all natural cocoa



Sugar Cream


Chocolate Cream

Pies are seasonal; offered

from Oct. 1 to Feb. 28

Cake Pop Flavors



(Min. 1 dozen per flavor)


Double Cocoa

Mint Chocolate

(Min. 1 dozen per flavor)

Starting at:

$15 per cream pie

$18 per apple pie

$32 per dozen

$28 per dozen

We have had to slightly increase our pricing due to drastic price increases to butter. Thank you for your understanding and support!

Sweet Cream Tartes

1st place award winning dessert in Allen County!
These decadent desserts are filled with a Sweet Cream butter and raisin filling and baked to a golden brown. Minimum order of a dozen (But trust us; a dozen is not enough :) )

$28 per dozen tartes
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Sweet Pastries
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